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The Digital Landscape can be confusing so here is a TLA buster we put together.

TLA - Three Letter Acronym

NTLA - NonTLA (also tolerated in this document)

SCA - Supply Chain Audit

SSP - Supply Side Platform

DSP - Demand Side Platform

DFP - Doubleclick For Publishers (replaced by GAM)

GAM - Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP)

COP - Close Of Play

CPM - Cost Per Mille (impressions)

CPD - Cost Per Day

CPC - Cost Per Click

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition

RTB - Real-Time Bidding

HB - Header Bidding

CMP - Consent Management Provider

PMP - Private Market Place

OMP - Open Market Place

PD - Preferred Deal

MSA - Master Service Agreement (with SSPs)

MDT - Master Demand Template

SOW - Statement Of Work (contractors)

DMP - Data Management Platform (Krux, Lotame etc..)

ITP - Intelligent Tracking Prevention (Safari)

OKR - Objective and Key Results

DAP - Digital App Productions

DNT - Do Not Track (HTTP header)

AND - AppNexus Direct

MPU - Mid Page Unit (or multi-purpose unit)

DMPU - Double Mid Page Unit

eCPM - Effective CPM

PG - Programmatic Guaranteed

IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau

BB - BillBoard

LB - LeaderBoard

RDD - Resilient Distributed Dataset (Spark)

HSTS - HTTP Strict Transport Security

PBS - PreBid Server

DPA - Data Protection Agreement (part of a contract with a supplier)

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

PECR - Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

DR - Direct Rate

AOT - Ahead Of Time

3P - Third Party (Cookies)

A11Y - AccessibilitY

QBR - Quarterly Business Review

TTR - Time To Respond (when measuring prebid adapters)

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